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Consultation and Diagnostic

Have you wondered if there is something going on energetically with you? Feel like something is missing or simply feel like your life is out of flow and have no idea what is wrong?

A consultation and diagnostic journey will allow us to talk about what is going on with you in a safe container. We would meet for 30 minutes on Zoom or over the phone and see if the helping spirits can help you see what is going on, what they recommend to fix it, and if we are a good fit to work together.


What is my soul purpose?

Have you ever wondered why you chose to be born into this life, with this set of circumstances and family members? We all have a higher level purpose than our careers and families and many ways to fulfill that purpose, allowing us the freedom to make choices in this lifetime that suit us.

I will journey to your higher self and ask why you chose this life and what your soul’s purpose is in this lifetime. After the journey I will send you an email with the results.


Energy Healing Session

A 2 hour energy healing session.

We will connect for 30-45 minutes on Zoom or over the phone to discuss what is going on with you, do a diagnostic journey to determine what work is needed, and discuss any recommendations.

I will work offline and follow-up with you on the results via email when the work is complete; usually at the end our our 2 hour appt and definitely by the end of the day.



4 Workshops

Purchase 4 workshops for $200, normally $55 each. New workshops added monthly.

Workshops include:
Introduction to Journeying
Introduction to Energetic Boundaries
Meet and Greet with the Helping Spirits
How do our Spaces affect our bodies

The curse workshop is excluded.



2 Emailed Readings

Purchase 2 emailed readings for $100, normally $55 each.

Options include:
Who is my spirit animal/helping spirit?
Who are my ancestral helping spirits?
What is my soul purpose?
Shamanic Divination


3 Session Package

A 3 session package to work on themes or issues across multiple sessions.

The package includes 1 two-hour session and 2 one-hour sessions that can be scheduled when needed over the next year.