Gayle Revels

Gayle Revels

Shamanic Healer and Reiki Master

I started formally studying Reiki and Shamanism in 2015 but have always been attracted to energy healing. As an empath and intuitive, the energy in the room is a palpable presence for me. I loved talking to the dragons and fairies and beings in the room as a child, and they often answered me. The adults in my life thought I had a great imagination, but some things were better to not talk about in public...  

Discovering my "imaginary" friends from childhood are still with me as powerful and loving spirit guides was a life changing event. They offer guidance and support to me, and the clients that work with me.  They also work with any guides and spirits of people I work with so that they have as positive and useful experience as possible.

Partnering with the guides and spirits that come with clients is an important part of my practice. They generally have something to say and share, and many want to help.  Those that do not want to help need something to continue on with their journey and allow the client to heal and move on with their lives. 

I have been attuned to Reiki levels Shoden, Okuden, Shinpiden, Karuna, and Lightarian; and completed courses on core shamanism, soul retrieval, medicine for the earth, healing with spiritual light, mediumship, psychopomp, compassionate depossession, curse unravelling, space clearing, ancestral healing, and working with fairies over the last few years. I have been privileged to study with Anna Dorian, Betsy Bergstrom, Sandra Ingerman, Daniel Foor, Sara Dole, and the Q’ero.

My current passion is helping clients clear old patterns, lifetimes, curses, and attached spirits so that they can live their own lives. Clearing outside influences provides clarity and additional energy so that we can live our best life.

I currently live in San Francisco, California, but have lived and studied around the world.  I love to travel; exploring local culture and architecture, taking photos, trying local vegan foods, and scuba diving in warm water. 

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