Ways to Work with Me

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Due to the Coronavirus all appointments are remote for the time being. 

I have found that we can do everything on Zoom or the phone that we can do in person, and Zoom allows us to check in “face-to-face.” Energy healing is not confined by linear time or physical location.

We will connect at the appt time for to discuss what is going on with you, do a diagnostic journey, and discuss the work the guides are recommending.  I generally work offline and follow-up via email at the end of the session once we are clear on the work and have consent to move forward.  

You can start with a 30 minutes consultation or a full 2 hour appointment as a new client.

Email Readings

Sometimes we just have a question for our helping spirits, and do not need to meet before journeying for an answer. With this option you book a $30 minute session and tell me what questions you have and get an emailed response.


Options include:
Who is my spirit animal/helping spirit?
Who are my ancestral helping spirits?
What is my soul purpose?
Shamanic Divination

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Workshops and Classes

A list of currently scheduled classes are on the  Classes page.

Journeying, Energetic Boundaries, Mediumship, Curse Unravelling, Depossession, How our Spaces Effect Our Energetic Bodies, Meeting New Guides, and Working with Spirits.

Please contact me for any class not scheduled.

Gift Certificates or Packages

Packages are available for people who know that they would like multiple sessions or classes. 


Gift Certificates can be purchased for single sessions.

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