Ways to Work with Me


  Due to the Coronavirus all  appointments will be remote through the remainder of 2020. 

I have found that we can do everything remotely that we can do in person, and Zoom allows us to check in "face-to-face."

Email Readings

Have you ever wondered who your helping spirits or power animals are, if you have an ancestral helping spirit, or why you were born in this lifetime? We all have helping spirits around us giving advice, answering question, and boosting our intuition.  

I can journey to ask questions for you and email the results. 


Phone and Zoom video sessions are available for clients. Energy healing is not confined by linear time or physical location. 

We will check-in at the appt time, and depending on what the guides recommend may either stay with the phone/video where we can interact or work offline and follow-up via email.  


A list of currently scheduled classes are on the Book a Session or Class link. 

Reiki - Levels 1 - 3, Karuna, and Lightarian

Journeying, Energetic Boundaries, Mediumship, Curse Unravelling, and Working with Spirits.

Please contact me for any class not scheduled.



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